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Calculator Tools lets you create any simple web app you want. This means anything! You can create the simple tools for work or school that you always wanted without needing a programmer, developer, or web designer. Create things like mini-games, trackers, calculators, converters, editors, and more. Just tell the AI want you want!

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Your app is live and ready to go. You can send anyone the link and let them them use it without any restriction. Most web apps will work offline and are capable of saving small amounts of your data locally. Create a new tool for the office, a new calculator for the department, a new learning activity for the classroom, a new game for your friends, or a new app for the world. The possibilities are endless!

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AI Generated Web Apps

From educational tools to games to widgets to components everyone can create a web app for any idea just by prompting artificial intelligence. You can then edit the app and create new versions with the AI doing all the programming. No coding required! Make tasks lists, recpies, trackers, countdown timers, quizzes, and anything you can think of! The possibilities are endless!

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A single tool can change the way people work and learn. Be the hero and create the next big thing in the office, classroom, your home, or anywhere else that always needed an app. Simple estimation forms, pricing tables, industry specific calculators, complex scientific equations for use and more can be created in minutes. Have a big presentation or lesson plan? Create a shareable app to help your audience follow along. Create a follow-up quiz to make sure they understood the content. Save and share your tools and apps with anyone.

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