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Turn any of your images, drawings, photographs in into a custom app or website instantly! Upload pictures or screenshots of any website, sketch, mock-up, meeting notes, or even pictures of the whiteboard in your office or classroom. AI will turn your images into apps and websites with no code. Generate and make any app you can imagine!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your App with Calculator Tools

Harness the cutting-edge capabilities of generative programming through the 'Image to App' feature, powered by AI akin to GPT-4, to convert your conceptual sketches into functional applications.

Starting Your Project with Image Processing

Initial Image Upload

Kickstart your app development by leveraging GPT-4's advanced image processing technology. Click 'ADD IMAGES' within the 'IDEA' tab to upload your conceptual drawings or photos, and let the AI, with GPT-4 Vision capabilities, interpret the design elements to form the basis of your app.

Refining Your App with AI Insights

Utilizing the principles of generative programming, the 'REMIX' tab allows you to guide the GPT-4-powered AI to adjust and evolve your app design. Specify your requests clearly, whether it's UI improvements or functionality enhancements, to harness the full potential of OpenAI's technology in crafting your app's aesthetics and user experience.

Preserving Your Progress

Employ the 'SAVE' feature to maintain different iterations of your app, leveraging the AI's generative programming prowess to record the evolution of your project. This allows for flexible development and exploration of different design pathways without losing any progress.

Crafting Your App with Generative AI

Transforming Ideas into Reality

Invoke the 'CREATE APP' button after setting your design parameters, prompting the GPT-4-inspired AI to apply its generative programming techniques to assemble a working prototype. This seamless integration of OpenAI's image processing innovation translates your visual inputs into a digital prototype.

Iterative Design with AI Assistance

The 'REMIX APP' function exemplifies generative programming by allowing iterative refinements. Input your desired changes, and the AI—drawing from the capabilities similar to ChatGPT and GPT-4—will recalibrate the app's design and functionality to better match your vision.

Debugging with AI

Encounter an issue? The 'Bugs' panel uses GPT-4's advanced problem-solving algorithms to identify and suggest fixes. Utilize the 'wrench' icon for the AI to deploy its generative programming skills in attempting automated solutions, reflecting the practical application of OpenAI's advancements in your development process.

Detailing Your App with Descriptive Elements

Clear Titling and Descriptive Detailing

Craft a title that reflects the essence of your app, and in the 'Description' section, elaborate on its features, employing the conversational ease reminiscent of ChatGPT to engage your audience.

Visual Branding and Connectivity

Select an icon that aligns with your brand identity and provide a URL to connect users directly to your app, showcasing the end result of the image processing and generative programming capabilities that have powered the development process from start to finish.


These are apps made by the community!


What is Calculator Tools?

Calculator Tools allows you to instantly create and generate any simple one page web app for free and immediately have it online to use and share. This means anything! Mini apps, calculators, trackers, tools, games, puzzles, screensavers... anything you can think of that the AI can handle.

The AI uses Javacript, HTML, and CSS programming to code your app up in moments. This currently uses GPT-4 the latest and most powerful version of the OpenAI GPT language model.

What Do You Mean Make An App?

Have you ever just wanted a simple app but didn't want to learn programming or pay someone to make it for you? Calculator Tools is the solution! Just type in your prompt and the AI will generate a simple app for you in seconds. You can then customize it to your liking and share it with your friends.

AI has become so powerful it is that simple these days.

Does This Use ChatGPT?

It uses GPT-4 which is the most powerful model for ChatGPT.

Calculator Tools does not remember things from prompt to prompt, each image is a unique image that does not reference any of the images or prompts previously supplied.