Screenshot to App (PRO)  [BETA]

Turn any screen shot into a web app. Just upload your screenshots and describe what it does to the AI and GPT-4 will create any app from screenshots of apps, websites, calculators, games, tools, etc. You can quickly create mockups and prototypes for your ideas, or even create a fully functional app from a screenshot of an existing app. Generate and make any app, website, or widet you can imagine!

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Detailed Guide to Converting Screenshots into Apps with Calculator Tools

Transforming screenshots into interactive apps is streamlined with the advanced 'Screenshot to App' feature, integrating the power of generative AI similar to OpenAI's GPT-4.

Initiating Your Project with AI-Powered Image Recognition

Uploading Your Screenshots

Begin by utilizing GPT-4V's image recognition abilities to analyze your app screenshots. Tap 'ADD IMAGES' in the 'IDEA' section to upload your screenshots. The sophisticated algorithms, drawing on principles used by ChatGPT and GPT-4, will dissect the elements within your screenshots to outline your app's structure.

Tailoring Your App with Precision

Guiding the AI for Customization

Navigate to the 'REMIX' section to instruct the AI, enhanced with generative programming techniques, to refine your app. This is where you can articulate specific enhancements or design modifications, leveraging the image recognition and processing capabilities akin to GPT-4 Vision.

Managing Your Development Progress

Saving Your Iterations

Use the 'SAVE' feature to manage your app's development versions meticulously. This function is crucial for maintaining a clear development trajectory, allowing you to navigate through various stages of your app's evolution, a testament to the generative programming's flexibility.

Converting Screenshots into a Prototype

Creating Your App with AI

After detailing your design requirements, click 'CREATE APP'. The AI, leveraging a methodology inspired by GPT-4's generative programming, will begin translating your screenshots into a functional app prototype, demonstrating the potent capabilities of OpenAI's image processing technology.

Refining Your Prototype

Utilizing AI for Iterative Improvements

To further polish your app, utilize the 'REMIX APP' button. Here, the AI, informed by the ingenuity of ChatGPT and the precision of GPT-4, will iteratively adjust your app's design in response to your feedback, showcasing the practical application of generative programming in app development.

Streamlining App Debugging

Leveraging AI for Error Resolution

The 'Bugs' section is where GPT-4's problem-solving algorithms come into play, identifying issues within your app's build. The 'wrench' icon allows the AI to apply its generative programming knowledge to automatically rectify these issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Finalizing Your App's Details

Titling and Descriptive Elements

Provide a succinct and descriptive title for your app in the 'Title' area. In the 'Description' field, use the conversational articulation characteristic of ChatGPT to detail your app's purpose and functionalities.

Brand Identity and User Connection

Choose an icon that resonates with your brand's visual identity and include a URL to guide users to your app's landing page or marketplace, highlighting the seamless integration of screenshot-based design into a user-centric application, all made possible by GPT-4's advanced image processing.


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What is Calculator Tools?

Calculator Tools allows you to instantly create and generate any simple one page web app for free and immediately have it online to use and share. This means anything! Mini apps, calculators, trackers, tools, games, puzzles, screensavers... anything you can think of that the AI can handle.

The AI uses Javacript, HTML, and CSS programming to code your app up in moments. This currently uses GPT-4 the latest and most powerful version of the OpenAI GPT language model.

What Do You Mean Make An App?

Have you ever just wanted a simple app but didn't want to learn programming or pay someone to make it for you? Calculator Tools is the solution! Just type in your prompt and the AI will generate a simple app for you in seconds. You can then customize it to your liking and share it with your friends.

AI has become so powerful it is that simple these days.

Does This Use ChatGPT?

It uses GPT-4 which is the most powerful model for ChatGPT.

Calculator Tools does not remember things from prompt to prompt, each image is a unique image that does not reference any of the images or prompts previously supplied.